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Press OFF - Press On Removal Serum

Press OFF - Press On Removal Serum

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Introducing Pressed & Refreshed's Lemon Scented 🍋 Press On Removal Serum (1 oz)!

Why Press OFF?

- Formulated especially for the removal of press on nails applied with air dry glue - Gentle on Nails, Tough on Glue!

Effortless removal of your Pressed & Refreshed press on nails within 2-10 minutes

- Non-Toxic with a tantalizing lemon scent, Press Off will revolutionize the press on removal process for you!

How to Use:

*application video is also available within this listing*

    1. Use a cuticle pusher and create a gap between the press on and your natural nail
    2. Put a few drops of Press Off in the gap you just created and wait 2-10 minutes for the glue to dissolve
    3. Slide a cuticle pusher under the press on nail to remove
      1. If the nail is not removing easily, do not force it off! Apply more Press OFF and try again in a few minutes
        1. Forcing removal of the press on will damage your natural nail
    4. After press ons are removed, wash your hands, clean the press ons, and place them back in your complimentary press on storage case for future use!

    *Please note: This removal method is not recommended for matte designs as it may alter the finish of the nails*

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    What To Expect

    What comes in my press on order?

    ❣ 10 Press On Nails

    ❣ Application, Removal, and Aftercare Instructions

    ❣ Nail File

    ❣ Buffing block

    ❣ Cuticle Pusher

    ❣ Stone Cuticle Pusher

    ❣ Microswab (to clean up glue)

    ❣ Nail Glue

    ❣ Adhesive Tabs

    ❣ Alcohol wipes

    ❣ Mini Cuticle Oil

    ❣ Stickers!

    How long does processing & shipping take?

    Processing takes 5-10 days during which your nails are custom made in your sizes.

    Nails may be completed before the 5-10 day estimate

    Shipping usually takes 3-5 business days, depending on your location. Please note that these estimates may vary during peak periods or holidays.

    Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help!

    How do I apply my nails?

    Click here to visit the application instruction page

    Click here to view the application instructions on Instagram

    Click here to view the application video

    How do I know my sizes?

    By ordering a sizing kit! A sizing kit is the only way to guarantee that your nails will fit you and your lifestyle

    Order your Sizing Kit here

    Shop Starter Kit Bundles here