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The Importance of Measuring Correctly

It is important to measure your nails for press ons because the right fit is crucial for the press on nails to look natural and stay securely in place. Measuring your natural nails accurately ensures that you select the right size of press on nails that match your natural nails.

If the press on nails are ill-fitting, they may not adhere properly to your nails and can easily fall off. Press on nails that are too big can also look unnatural and bulky, while those that are too small can appear cramped and uncomfortable.

Additionally, using the wrong size of press on nails can damage your natural nails. If the press ons are too small, they can apply pressure on your natural nails, leading to breakage or chipping. On the other hand, if the press on nails are too big, they can trap air and moisture, leading to fungal infections or other nail health issues.

By measuring your nails for press ons, you ensure that you have a comfortable and secure fit that looks natural and protects the health of your natural nails.

If you are unsure or nervous of your ability we suggest you purchase a sizing kit to ensure a correct fit.


1. Place a piece of tape across your nail

2. Use a marker and mark the widest points of your nail on each side

3. Remove the tape and place it on a ruler or measuring tape to find your measurements

4. Make note of the measurements in millimetres (mm) for each nail. To convert from cm to mm, multiply by 10

5. If you are unsure of which size to choose, it is better to size up and file the nail a bit than order the nail too small and it cannot be applied correctly

6. Enter your measurements at checkout